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Sailboat Regatta September 5, 2016

Regatta 2016

In spite of nearby Hurricane Hermine, eight intrepid sailors held the third sailboat regatta of the season on a perfect Vermont day.  The course was around yellow buoys strategically placed by John Meyer, who risked his life in and out of a canoe to place them.  Under Cindy Meyer's watchful eye from the committee boat and the spectator fleet, all sailors finished the course. John Meyer won the first race (hmmm--odd coincidence!) and Ballard Hindman of Mountain View won the second race by a nose.  The youngest sailors award went to the Watson kids, who sailed a respectable race.  In the future we hope to have more regattas, including paddleboards, kayaks and canoes! If you are interested, please email Carol Bois at


Vermont Lake Wise August 19, 2016

Amy Picotte

Vermont Lakes & Ponds

14 LRA members attended a presentation by Amy Picotte, Lakeshore Manager for the VT Department of Environmental Conservation, Watershed Division. Amy spoke knowledgeably on a number of important lakeshore topics as part of the Vermont Lake Wise Program's Best Management Practices (BMP's).

Topics she covered included shoreland BMP's to improve stormwater management or restore and protect aquatic habitat. After her presentation, Amy met with several lakeshore property owners to perform a standardized, evidenced-based Lake Wise Program property evaluation.

The Vermont Lake Wise Program is a Vermont Agency of Natural Resources initiative, the goal of which is to establish a new culture of lakeshore landscaping that is proven to help protect lakes. One of the ways that Lake Wise seeks to achieve this goal by evaluating individual properties, including state parks, town beaches, private homes, and businesses. A property that earns the "Lake Wise Award" represents a "model" shoreline property that is well managed and use shoreland BMP's. We hope to someday soon have several of these here at Lake Raponda. If you are interested in having your property evaluated by the Lake Wise Program, stay tuned in to our LRA website & mailings.

Lake Raponda Sunset, July 15, 2016

Click to enlarge. Sunset

Photo by Jack Widness